MRC Clinical Sciences Bioinformatics


The Bioinformatics team consists of the Head of Bioinformatics, high throughput data specialists and bioinformatics analysts working within their relevant sections and alongside their academic advisors. The team provides Bioinformatics analysis, support, training, software and infrastructure to help maintain high quality computational biology research within the Clinical Sciences Centre. The Bioinformatics team works closely with both Genomics and Proteomics facilities to assist in the delivery of high quality genomics and proteomics data.

The Team

The Academic Advisors

  • Epigenetics - Matthias Merkenschlager
  • Genes and Metabolism - Irene Miguel-Aliaga
  • Integrative Biology - Boris Lenhard

Introduction to the Bioinformatics Team

This slide show introduced the bioinformatics team and our role in the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre.
For more details please contact Thomas Carroll